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Shades of Darkness: The Maze (S1EP5 Granada 24 Jun 1983, Francesca Annis)



The Maze: Why is a mother so concerned that her child not play in the maze in the grounds of their mansion? What horror is lurking inside?

Episode Cast: Francesca Annis (Catherine Frode), James Bolam (Arthur Frode), Sky Macaskill (Daisy Frode), Philip Sayer (Mervyn Barbet), Duncan Preston (Fred Harston), Amanda Boxer (Mrs Levett)

Writer: C.H.B. Kitchen, Ken Taylor / Director: Peter Hammond

Airdate: 24 Jun 1983 on Granada

Series: Shades of Darkness Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: An anthology series of spooky and menacing dramas, mostly period.