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Shadows of Fear: The Lesser of Two (ITV 16 Feb 1971 with Margery Mason)



Shadows of Fear Titles

In The Lesser of Two middle aged Margaret is having a sleep in but hears someone moving about downstairs, she thinks it her son Terry but it’s her husband Harry who has been released from prison (after nine years inside) that morning. The last thing Margaret wants is for Harry to come back but he is quick to get his feet under the table.

Things get really troublesome when the neighbours discover that Harry has returned, a deputation is sent and he is told in no uncertain terms they want him out. At this point we don’t know what Harry was inside for but it was clearly something that carries a lot of bad feeling. Most likely something of a sexual nature given an off hand comment made by Margaret’s friend Betty about not feeling safe in her own bed.

Meanwhile Terry has organised a special visit from some friends of his to make sure that Harry get the point that they want him gone.

Nicely claustrophobic and it’s mostly a two hander between Harry and Margaret with another strong performance from the under rated Margery Mason.

classic quote
“Every day I remembered something” – Harry
“And every day we forgot a little more” – Margaret

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 16 February 1971 at 10.30pm

Writer: Hugh D’Allenger / Production Design: David Marshall / Director: Kim Mills

Series: Shadows of Fear Episode 7 (of 11)

Margery Mason as Margaret
Godfrey Quigley as Harry
Elizabeth Burger as Betty
Geoffrey Hughes as Terry
Dorothea Phillips as Mrs Baxter
John Rolfe as Man