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Shadows of Fear: Return of Favours (ITV 9 Feb 1971, with Robin Ellis, George Cole)



Shadows of Fear Return of Favours Robin Ellis and Jennie Linden

There is a touch of the Dennis Potters in Jeremy Paul’s script for Return of Favours.

Judith and Roger are spending an afternoon together in a friends home, Gordon, the husband turns up unexpectedly and is none too pleased. Roger is married and Judith still lives at home and have been using the flat for the last six weeks.

Roger is keen to get going once they are discovered but Gordon insists that they stay for tea. Just why is Gordon so keen for them to stay, why is he behaving so strangely regarding his wife and why is he so keen to borrow Roger’s van?

Later talking things over in the pub Judith becomes convinced that Gordon has in fact murdered his wife, Roger, who is a painter and decorator, then realises that he has left his order book in the flat.

The whole thing switches gear in the final act as Gordon’s wife turns up to collect her things, she has in fact walked out on him but in a Tales of the Unexpected-esque ending death is in the air and it is Roger who will pay the price.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 9 February 1971 at 8.50pm

Writer: Jeremy Paul / Production Design: Fred Pusey / Director: Kim Mills

Series: Shadows of Fear Episode 6

Robin Ellis as Roger
Jennie Linden as Judith
George Cole as Gordon
Caroline Blakiston as Maureen