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Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators: Outrageous Fortune (S2EP1 BBC One 25 Feb 2019)



Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators: Outrageous Fortune

Outrageous Fortune: When a pampered pet runs away from a life of luxury, Frank and Lu are tasked with tracking down the hound.

Regular Cast: Jo Joyner as Luella Shakespeare
Mark Benton as Frank Hathaway
Patrick Walshe McBride as Sebastian Brudenell
Amber Agar as DI Marlowe
Roberta Taylor as Gloria Fonteyn
Leila Ayad as Dorka Ugric
Paul Clayton as Leonard Baxter
Thomas Dominique as Wayne Mckenzie
Elinor Lawless as Antigone Carter
Michael Maloney as George Gonzalo
Colin Ryan as Benoit Roux
Barley as Tim

Writer: Jude Tindall / Director: Ian Barber

Airdate: 25 Feb 2019 on BBC One

Series: Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators Season 2 Episode 1

Show Info: In this light hearted daytime drama private detective Frank Hathaway forms an unlikely partnershiop with rookie Lu Shakespeare taking on cases in rural Warwickshire.