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Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators: Thy Fury Spent (S3EP5 BBC One 7 Feb 2020)



Thy Fury Spent: At the grand opening of the Arden Museum’s new Shakespeare Centre, Frank and Lu are bemused when the evening is interrupted by The Society Of Herstorians, a local protest group unhappy about the museum’s demotion of Stratford’s historical women of note.

Regular Cast: Mark Benton (Frank Hathaway), Jo Joyner (Luella Shakespeare), Patrick Walshe McBride (Sebastian Brudenell),

Airdate: 7 Feb 2020 on BBC One

Series: Shakespeare & Hathaway – Private Investigators Season 3 Episode 5

Show Info: In this light hearted daytime drama private detective Frank Hathaway forms an unlikely partnershiop with rookie Lu Shakespeare taking on cases in rural Warwickshire.