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She’s the Boss: Episode 6 (S1EP6 USA Network Thurs 1 Apr 2021)



Birds, Bees, and Baby Showers: Eddie plans a surprise baby shower for Nicole and Ally learns about the birds and the bees.

Airdate: Thurs 1 Apr 2021 at 10.30pm on USA Network

Season 1 Episode 6

The series follows Nicole Walters, an ambitious, jet-setting entrepreneur who runs a multi-million dollar marketing empire and her husband, Josh Walters, a quirky and devoted stay-at-home lawyer. The modern-day family is made complete with the couples’ three lovely adopted daughters and Eddie, Nicole’s over-the-top executive assistant and best friend. Although Nicole has conquered the business world, she and Josh are learning on-the-fly that parenthood isn’t always as easy as it seems, and the Walters work to juggle family, careers, obstacles, laughter and love. Faced with the never-ending entrepreneur laundry list and all the demands that come with being a wife and mother of three, can Nicole learn to find the perfect balance and truly have it all?