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Shetland: Blue Lightning – Part 2 (S2EP6 BBC 15 Apr 2014, Leigh Biagi)



Picture of Shetland Blue Lightning - Part 2.

Blue Lightning – Part 2: Time is running out for Detective Inspector Perez as prime suspect Peter Latimer lies critically ill in hospital. Was the fire a drunken accident, or was Peter Latimer the second victim of a murderer still free on Fair Isle?

guest cast
Anne Kidd as Cora McLean
Stewart Porter as Sgt. Billy McBride
John Lynch as Frank Blake
Leigh Biagi as Anna Blake
Anthony Howell as Peter Latimer
David Ireland as Finlay Caulfield
Keith Ramsay as Joe Blake
Annie Louise Ross as Mary Perez
Susan Vidler as Isobel Tulloch
Lorne MacFadyen as Angus Tulloch
Michael Nardone as Donnie Tulloch

Director: Stewart Svaasand
Writer: Richard Davidson
Producer: Sue de Beauvoir
Script Supervisor: Dorothy Connolley
Camera Operator: Ossie McLean
Makeup Artist: Wendy Kemp Forbes
Post Production Supervisor: Charlotte Walsh
Makeup Designer: Maxine Dallas
Director of Photography: Jean-Philippe Gossart

Original Airdate: 15 Apr 2014 on BBC
Series: Shetland Season 2 Episode 6