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Shetland: Dead Water – Part 1 (S2EP3 BBC 25 Mar 2014, David Hayman)



Picture of Shetland Dead Water - Part 1.

Dead Water – Part 1: When an old acquaintance of Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez dies in a suspicious car accident on the island, he wonders whether his journalist friend had uncovered a story that cost him his life.

guest cast
Finn den Hertog as Drew
Stewart Porter as Sgt. Billy McBride
David Hayman as Joe Dalhousie
Nina Sosanya as Willow Reeves
Alex Norton as Cameron Watt
Kari Corbett as Evie Watt
Marnie Baxter as Jenny Belshaw
Iain Robertson as Jerry Markham
Clive Russell as Adam Markham
Gerda Stevenson as Maria Markham
Neil McKinven as Andy Belshaw

Director: David Moore
Writer: David Kane
Script Supervisor: Sue Mahoney
Producer: Sue de Beauvoir
Editor: Elen Pierce Lewis
Makeup Artist: Wendy Kemp Forbes
Post Production Supervisor: Charlotte Walsh
Makeup Designer: Maxine Dallas
Director of Photography: Jean-Philippe Gossart

Original Airdate: 25 Mar 2014 on BBC
Series: Shetland Season 2 Episode 3