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Shetland: Raven Black – Part 2 (S2EP2 BBC 18 Mar 2014, Brian Cox)



Picture of Shetland Raven Black - Part 2.

Raven Black – Part 2: Detective Inspector Jimmy Perez believes he and his team are finally closing in on the killer as they discover what 17-year-old Catherine Ross was hiding from everyone in the hours before her death.

guest cast
Brian Cox as Magnus Bain
Finn den Hertog as Drew
Rebecca Benson as Sally Henry
Anne Kidd as Cora McLean
Sophia Carr-Gomm as Catherine Ross
Chris Reilly as Alan Isbister
Cara Kelly as Margaret Henry
Frances Grey as Jess Collins
Freya Monk as Kitty Collins
Mathew Zajac as Alex Henry
Stewart Porter as Sgt. Billy McBride

Editor: Colin Monie
Director: John McKay
Director of Photography: Cinders Forshaw
Post Production Supervisor: Beverley Horne
Writer: Gaby Chiappe
Makeup Artist: Julie Dorrat-Keenan
Post Production Supervisor: Hilary Stewart
Makeup Designer: Irene Napier
Script Supervisor: Dorothy Connolley

Original Airdate: 18 Mar 2014 on BBC
Series: Shetland Season 2 Episode 2