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Shots Fired: Hour 10 – Last Dance (Season finale 24 May 2017, with Beau Knapp)



Shots Fired

Hour 10 – Last Dance: The hearings for both cases are held and, as Preston presents the facts to the jurors, the truth behind each shooting is revealed. Meanwhile, Pastor Janae and other petitioners gather outside the courtroom in anticipation of the results, hoping for a better future. After the Sheriff’s Department loses one of its own, it becomes clear who is really to blame in the season finale.

Cast: Sanaa Lathan as Detective Ashe; Stephan James as Preston Terry; Stephen Moyer as Lieutenant Breeland; Will Patton as Sheriff Platt; Mack Wilds as Deputy Beck; Aisha Hinds as Pastor Janae James; DeWanda Wise as Shameeka Campbell; Clare-Hope Ashitey as Kerry Beck; Conor Leslie as Sarah; and Richard Dreyfuss as Arlen Cox

Guest Cast: Helen Hunt as Governor Eamons; Jill Hennessy as Alicia Carr; Angel Bonanni as Javier Cano; Beau Knapp as Deputy Caleb Brooks; Laila Lockhart as Kai Cano; Edwina Findley as Shirlane; Manny Perez as James Ruiz; Kylen Davis as Shawn Campbell; Marqus Clae as Cory; LaParee Warren Young as Eddie Beck; William Leinbach as Jesse Carr; Liam Dance as Christian Beck; Jahlil Muhammad as Jeremiah Beck; Anthony O. Dalton II as Anthony; Antonique Smith as Kiana; Brett Cooper as Tess Breeland; Markice Moore as Lyndon; James Wesley McGee as Sergeant Derkin; John Beasley as Mr. D; Nalini Sharma as Ms. Hadad; Kelvin Harrison Jr. as Joey Campbell; Erin Beute as Sandra Breeland; Ian Casselberry as Rivera; Greg Sproles as Deputy Ecklund; Matthew Cornwell as Reed Wyatt; Britt Rentschler as Pierce; Tammy Christine Arnold; as Mrs. Russell; Sheldon Frett as Tai; Terry Allen Jones as Abraham; Tequilla Whitfield as Myrtle; Zachariah Rogers as Mikey

Series: Shots Fired Season 1 Episode 10 (Season finale)
Air Date: Wednesday, May 24, 2017
Time Slot: 8:00 PM-9:00 PM EST on FOX