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The Siege of Golden Hill: Beseiged (ITV 13 Jul 1975, with Gregory Munroe)



The Siege of Golden Hill Ultimatum

In Beseiged Des, knowing that Allen is about to ramp up his campaign to get Old Tom out of his house, has come up with an idea. He wants to have a surprise waiting in store for the vandals when they turn up.

With Kenny’s help he manages to talk quire a few of the Anvil gang into helping. They also get Sam’s help who persuades all the local market stall holders to give them their scraps to use as “ammunition” when the vandals arrive.

Meanwhile Des is busy taking pictures and Sara is busing letting the police and the press know what is happening.

The fallout doesn’t do a lot for Allen’s scheme. It’s also the catalyst for Sara’s Dad getting a backbone and putting things to rights.

Despite this being a 12 parter there is something of a sense of closure with this sixth episode, Old Tom, having won the battle but knowing the war will ultimately be lost, knows he has to move but at least now it will be on his own terms.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 13 July 1975 at 5.35pm

Writer: Nick McCarty / Production Design: Bryan Holgate / Director: John Sichel

Series: The Siege of Golden Hill Episode 6 (of 12)

Billy Hamon as Jacky
Gerry Sundquist as Billy
Peter Dudley as Des
Sara Clee as Sarah
John Malcom as Allen
Chris Sanders as Herbert Franks
Walter Dalby as Old Tom
Janice Bean as Mrs Adams
Karen Berlinski as Mary
Gregory Munroe as Kenny
Arnold Peters as Mr Small
Frederick Schrecker as Sam