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The Siege of Golden Hill: Threats (ITV 15 Jun 1975, with Gerry Sundquist)



Siege of Golden Hill Threats

In Threats Billy has been thrown out of the gang because of the way he stuck up for Sarah during the youth club trouble. Not that he is too bothered, he is more concerned with the treatment being dished out to his grandfather Old Tom.

Billy tries to explain to his mum what is happening but when she talks to Old Tom about it he denies there is anything going on. Meanwhile Billy spots the thug who visited his granddad with the threatening ultimatum and follows him to the office of his boss Mr Allen.

Allen himself is more than a little keen to impress on councillor Small just how vital it is that the plans for his major new city development go ahead.

Siege of Golden Hill Threats

classic quote
“He’s not like the rest of us Mr Small, it seems he can’t be bought.”

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 15 June 1975 at 5.35pm

Writer: Nick McCarty / Production Design: Brian Holgate / Director: John Sichel

Series: The Siege of Golden Hill Episode 2 (of 12)

Billy Hamon as Jacky
Gerry Sundquist as Billy
Peter Dudley as Des
Sara Clee as Sarah
Arnold Peters as Small
Chris Sanders as Allen
Walter Dalby as Old Tom
Janice Bean as Mrs Adams
Frederick Schrecker as Sam
Gregory Munroe as Kenny