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Signs of a Psychopath: Fantasy Over Family (S2EP2 Investigation Discovery Sun 30 May 2021)



Fantasy Over Family: A troubled 29-year-old son gets kicked out of his parents’ house after spending the family fortune on a webcam model, but when his mother, father and brother are found murdered, the young man insists that he is innocent.

Airdate: Sun 30 May 2021 at 21:30 on Investigation Discovery

Season 2 Episode 2

For every sadistic psychopath…there were signs. Charm. Narcissism. Lack of empathy. Impulsiveness. Manipulation. Deception. These traits and others are the telltale Signs of a Psychopath. This harrowing half-hour archive series revisits some of the most brutal killers in modern history, reviewing news footage and the words of the killers themselves to see which terrifying traits each killer exhibited. What are the signs…of evil?