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Sister Boniface Mysteries: Crimes and Miss Demeanours (S1EP10 Drama Fri 13 May 2022)



Crimes and Miss Demeanours: The preliminary rounds of Miss United Britain are well underway with beauty queens from around the country competing for the title. But the ladies get a gruesome wakeup call when they find Miss Northern Ireland floating face down in the swimming pool. The case is marked as accidental drowning but Boniface assesses the scene and has ideas of her own – the revelation of a puncture wound to the skull confirms this was in fact murder.

Meanwhile, Felix’s (Jerry Iwu) dream of working at Scotland Yard looks like it could become a reality when DCI Winner from the Met Police arrives to take over the case – his ticket out of Great Slaughter. But when a crucial piece of evidence is missed, Peggy (Ami Metcalf) comes under fire and is accused of gross incompetence. With his loyalties tested, will Felix join his friends and find the real killer, or choose the glittering career the Met can promise him?

Airdate: Friday May 13 2022 at 9.00pm on Drama.

Season 1 Episode 10