Six Days of Justice: Cross-Fire (ITV 10 Apr 1972, with George Sewell)

The opening episode of Cross-Fire was a case of a couple, Mr and Mrs Brown, going through a divorce and fighting for custody of their two children.

Anthony Brown is a self made businessman and his wife contends that he has been having an affair for the last few years and has given her no alternative. Mr Brown is denying the allegations. As with so many divorce cases involving children it is their custody that is the most contentious issue.

Familiar faces here include George Sewell (who was starring in Special Branch but cropped up in guest appearances in almost every show going in the 1970’s), Gwen Cherrell and Malcolm Terris.

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The case, as with all the cases featured on the series was fictitious but could easily have come from the files of any magistrate’s court. The producers made a real effort to make the court proceedings as authentic as possible. It’s very similar in style and content to the daytime series Crown Court which started later in 1972.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 10 April 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Maggie Allen / Production Design: Mike Hall / Director: Reginald Collin

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Series: Six Days of Justice Season 1 Episode 1

George Sewell as Anthony Brown
Gwen Cherrell as Lorna Brown
Malcolm Terris as Pender
Norman Henry as Rosson
Eric McCaine as Warrant officer
George Waring as Clerk of the Court
Sheela Wilcocks as Usher
Dorothy Reynolds as Chairman
Barbara Olgilvie as Mrs Coles
Pauline Letts as Mrs Prince
Anne Rutter as Probation officer
Michael Mulcaster as Magistrate
Constance Reason as Magistrate
Ernest Blyth as Magistrate
Michael Moore as Second Usher

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