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Six Days of Justice: A Little Local Knowledge (ITV 5 Jun 1973, Warren Clarke)



Six Days of Justice

In A Little Local Knowledge, the final episode of the second season of Six Days of Justice, it is a case of assault and cross-summons for the same offence.

Landowner Edward Drake is charged with wilfully causing damage to a caravan on his land, owned by Mr and Mrs Kibble, and at the same time also assaulting Mrs Kibble by striking her. Drake has been renting out the land to Mr and Mrs Kibble for some time. The couple keep geese as well as the caravan on the land and it appears that Drake has grown tired of the mess the couple are allegedly making.

Mrs Kibble is accused of assaulting Drake when she spotted him setting fire to the caravan.

It’s very clear that both the Kibbles and Drake are as bad as each other and seem to have gone out of their way to antagonise each other. Neither of them gets the verdict they were hoping for.

Warren Clarke is the most well known face here as a friend of Drakes who is called to give evidence against the Kibble’s but doesn’t come out of it smelling of roses.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 5 June 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Robert Holles / Production design: Fred Pusey / Director: Brian Parker

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 2 Episode 6

Arthur Whybrow as Edward Drake
Ann Dyson as Miranda Kibble
Hugh Morton as Chairman
Emmett Hennessy as Flack
Peter Hughes as Aubrey Peake
Preston Lockwood as Barnes-Ellis
Ivan Beavis as Warrant Officer
George Waring as Clerk of Court
Meadows White as Usher
Oliver MacGuire as P.C. O’Hagen
Arthur Lovegrove as Ernest Kibble
Warren Clarke as Charlie Bishop
Ursula Granville as Magistrate
Arnold Locke as Magistrate