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Six Days of Justice: Open House (ITV 15 May 1972, with Brian Croucher)



Six Days of Justice Open House

In Open House, the final episode of the first season, a quintet of five young men and women have been brought to the magistrates court charged with not paying rates on the commune they have been living in.

The argument they present is that they just want to be left alone, have no services such as gas or electricity, have no wish to be part of society and are not liable to pay rates. Of course officialdom thinks otherwise. The group are basically squatting and there is no denying that they are in “exclusive possession” of the hour they are staying in.

It’s an interesting story and another that taps into the concerns of the time, the act of squatting had reached it’s zenith around this time period and dropping out of society was all part of that.  Sadly or justly (depending on your point of view) the drop-outs don’t really stand a chance against the might of the council – especially when it’s revealed their are young children living at the house in admittedly squalid conditions. One mention of the words “social services” and the group give up their protest and agree to pay the fine they have been given.

Face of the sixties Michael Des Barres has a small role as one of the dropouts.

classic quote
“how long have you been passing through it.”
“just over a year, it’s a big place.”

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 15 May 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: P.J. Hammond / Production Design: Mike Hall / Director: Voytek

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 1 Episode 6

Brian Spink as Statham
Rachel Gurney as Chairman
Margot Boyd as Magistrate
Norman Scace as Court Clerk
Brian Croucher as Odell
David Markham as Prentice
David Whitman as Neil
Preston Lockwood as Usher
Tim Morand as Adams
Michael Des Barres as Glover
Wendy Hamilton as Julia Tasker
Annabella Wood as Maureen Whittle
Dallas Cavell as Purser
Timothy Carlton as Rogers
Ambrose Coghill as Daniels