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Six Days of Justice: A Regular Friend (ITV 29 May 1973, with Sheila White)



Six Days of Justice A Regular Friend

In A Regular Friend young unmarried mother of two Carol Greggs is in court accused of defrauding the Social Security System, she has been claiming benefit as a single parent living alone however the Social Security Department claim she has been living with a man called Paddy Hooney.

Unfortunately she doesn’t have representation in court and when Paddy takes the stand the case against her is very quickly proven. Social Worker Miss Owen provides a sympathetic outlook on Carol’s case but her mother does more harm than good when she makes a statement.

Lots of familiar faces popping up in this episode including Sheila White in the lead looking very down at heel, a young Jill Gascoine, Bill Dean, Robin Parkinson and Kenneth Waller.

This was the first TV play by actress Kathleen Smith who had previously been an assistant governor at Holloway Prison. She was a firm advocate of reform in the prison system.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 29 May 2017 at 9.05pm

Writer: Kathleen Smith / Production Design: Fred Pusey / Director: Peter Duguid

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 2 Episode 5

Sheila White as Carol Greggs
Robin Parkinson as Joseph Partridge
Sean Lynch as Paddy Hooney
Pauline Jameson as Chairman of the Bench
Bill Dean as Mr William James
Jay Neill as Mr Swinthorp
Ivan Beavis as Warrant Officer
Meadows White as Usher
Jill Gascoine as Miss Owen
Clare Kelly as Mrs Greggs
George Waring as Clerk of the Court
Philip Brack as Mr Brewer
Geoffrey Russell as Magistrate Folehill
Kenneth Waller as Magistrate Simpson
Arnold Locke as Magistrate Redfern
Adele Strong as Miss Ring