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Six Days of Justice: Suddenly … You’re In It (ITV 17 Apr 1972, with Clifford Rose)



In Suddenly… You’re In It learner driver Beryl Watson is involved in an accident involving a pedestrian and is in court on a charge of dangerous driving. The victim, Carol Bruce, was pregnant at the time of the accident and unfortunately suffered a miscarriage in the aftermath. She is clearly also still suffering the effects of shock. Beryl is pleading not guilty to dangerous driving.

Watson is not a typical learner driver she is in late middle aged but wants to get involved with helping out with the Women’s Volunteer Service, in particular Meals on Wheels, and of course a license is essential for that.

Sheila Raynor who plays Beryl Raynor had most recently played Malcolm McDowell’s mother in A Clockwork Orange. The defence counsel Miss Childs is the fab Pat Heywood with Clifford Rose as the prosecuting Mr Gifford.

production details
Uk / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 17 April 1972 at 9.00pm

Writer: Rex Edwards / Production Design: Mike Hall / Director: Peter Duguid

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 1 Episode 2

Sheila Raynor as Beryl Watson
George Benson as Arnold Watson
Pat Heywood as Miss Childs
Clifford Rose as Mr Gifford
George Waring as Clerk of the Court
John Garrie as Chairman of the bench
Norman Mitchell as Warrant officer
Raymond Adamson as Bernard Day
Barbara Keogh as Mrs Piper
Kate Brown as Carol Bruce
Derek Fuke as Alan Bruce
Norman Jones as P.C. Shaw