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Six Days of Justice: We’ll Support You Evermore (ITV 15 May 1973, with Brian Pettifer)



Six Days of Justice

In We’ll Support You Evermore a trio of teenagers, Herbert, Sunday and David, are in the magistrate’s court accused of football hooliganism. The altercation the boys became involved in was actually caused by an autographed programme belonging to Herbert being stolen. The actual ins and outs of what happened is all quite confused with the boys accusing each other of stealing the programme.

This was writer Shane Connaughton’s first TV credit, he would go on to major acclaim as the co-author of My Left Foot. It was a strong script too touching on such aspects as peer pressure and the lack of things to do for teenagers. The dialogue is excellent with lots of humour and there is a great performance from the always excellent elderly character actor Bert Palmer as Herbert Silk’s granddad.

Lots of well known faces popping up in this episode including a young Brian Pettifer, Mona Washbourne, Bruce Bould, Peter Hugo Daly and Gretchen Franklin (who was making her second appearance in the series having appeared in season one episode A Private Nuisance.)

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 15 May 1973 at 9.00pm

Writer: Shane Connaughton / Production Design: Fred Pusey / Director: Piers Haggard

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 2 Episode 3

Mona Washbourne as Chairmen of Bench
Norman Atkyns as Magistrate
Joyce Parry as Magistrate
Roger Hammond as Clerk of the Court
Joan Morrow as Miss Sands
Bryan Stanion as Mr Walker
Tony Caunter as Warrent Officer
Peter Bartle as Second Warrant Officer
Maureen Callaghan as Usher
Edward Palmer as Mr Board
Graham Ashley as Prosecuting Sgt
Bruce Bould as P.C. Pugh
Christopher Good as Mr Barrington-Smith
Brian Pettifer as David Galloway
Hugh Martin as Mr Galloway
Ricky Alleyn as Sunday Newland
Charles Hyatt as Mr Newland
Gladys Taylor as Auntie
Peter Hugo Daly as Herbert Silk
Bert Palmer as Grandfather
Gretchen Franklin as Mrs Silk
Laurence Harrington as Sidney Gosling
Greg Smith as Ronald Brymay