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Six Days of Justice: Black Spot (S3EP1 ITV Mon 22 Oct 1973, with Keith Drinkel)



Black Spot: In the opening episode of the third season, young PC Jenner is in the dock charged with dangerous driving.

Terry Bale as Mr. Clarke
Bob Cartland as Mr. Cottle
Michael Coles as Mr. Fisher
John Dawson as Mr. Oliver
Keith Drinkel as P.C. Jenner
Charles Gillard as Magistrate
Daphne Goddard as Magistrate
George Innes as Mr. Gill
Ruth Kettlewell as Mrs. Greer
Rex Robinson as Warrant Officer
Gerald Sim as Mr. Harper
Leonard Trolley as Mr. Lidgett
George Waring as Clerk
Meadows White as Usher
Barry Wilsher as P.C. Kemble

Director: Jonathan Alwyn
Writer: Trevor Preston

Airdate: Monday 22 October 1973 at 9.00pm on ITV.

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 3, Episode 1