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Six Days of Justice: The China Lady (S3EP5 ITV Mon 19 Nov 1973, with Michael Forrest)



The China Lady: “Case Number Three, your worships. Desertion and persistant cruelty, with cross-summons…”

In The China Lady Pat and Joe Hicks are in the middle of a divorce case. Pat Hicks is asking for maintenance. The court have to decide why the marriage broke down.

John Abineri as Chairman
Michael Forrest as Joe Hicks
Bisi George as Usher
Charles Gillard as Magistrate
Ursula Granville as Magistrate
Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Miss Taylor
Olive McFarland as Susan Hicks
Artro Morris as Clerk of Court
Nan Munro as Mrs. Beale
John Quentin as Crisp
David Rose as Warrant Officer
Clare Sutcliffe as Pat Hicks

Director: Peter Sasdy
Writer: Rex Edwards

Airdate: Monday 19 November 1973 at 9.00pm on ITV.

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 3, Episode 5