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Six Days of Justice: The Complaint (S3EP4 ITV Mon 12 Nov 1973, with Anne Reid)



In The Complaint a serial sex offender has once again broken the law, does he need to placed in a mental hospital?

Director: Peter Duguid
Writer: Tony Parker

Alun Armstrong as P.C. Williamson
David Ashton as P.C. Thomson
Nigel Ashton as Clerk of Court
Jill Balcon as Chairman
Ivan Beavis as Warrant Officer
Harold Bennett as Patrick Scott
Ellis Dale as Arthur Hanson
Jessie Evans as Ethel Pine
Sheila Grant as Maureen Hanson
Alan Granville as Det. Sgt. Grimes
Barbara Laurenson as Myrtle Jackson
Arnold Locke as Magistrate Redfern
Pat Nye as Mary Clegwit
Anne Reid as Margery Birkenshaw
Hugh Ross as Mr. Simmonds
Rosemary Scott as Magistrate
David Webb as Sgt. Wilkinson
Meadows White as Usher

Airdate: Monday 12 November 1973 at 9.00pm on ITV.

Series: Six Days of Justice Season 3, Episode 4