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Sky High Club: Scotland and Beyond: Episode 3 (S1EP3 Monday 15 August 2022)



A new route has opened for the airline, and cabin crew Shannon, Karolina and Alannah have been asked to be the faces of the promo campaign. The girls prep for their photo shoot with a pamper day and bring their A game for the cameras and the socials.
Long distance love birds Robbie and Kirsten finally manage to co-ordinate their schedules and get a weekend away on the island of Shetland. There’s no better back drop for a romantic break but can Robbie convince Kirsten to move in with him on the mainland?
James undergoes neurological exams in order to overturn aviation legislation that limits his career path due to his HIV status. Will the results help him realise his dream of flying solo?

Airdate: Monday 15 August 2022 at 22:30 on 

Season 1 Episode 3

Flying high above the skies of Scotland, meet the young crew of the UK’s largest regional airline. Prepare to take off with the pilots, cabin crew and engineers who are buckling their belts for their busiest summer yet.