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Sky High Club: Scotland and Beyond Episode 4 (BBC Scotland Wed 24 August 2022)



Sky High Club: Scotland and Beyond

Kuda and Dean, who are best friends, are adjusting to their new lives as pilots in Aberdeen after leaving their families in Manchester and Mauritius behind.

The goal of both First Officers is to advance to the position of captain, but it depends on who receives the significant promotion first. On a nearby racetrack, Kuda challenges Dean to a driving challenge.

Cass has worked as cabin crew for six years and is currently pursuing her piloting career. Fortunately for her, Captain Robbie, one of her closest friends in the airline, offers to show her the ropes on a private flight.

Alannah is having a hard time deciding whether to stay in the country with her family or move to the city to be closer to her friends and job.

Sky High Club is produced by Mentorn Scotland. The commission came from a creative partnership of BBC Three, BBC Scotland and Screen Scotland. The scheme invited local Scottish Independent production companies to pitch innovative, factual entertainment format ideas that reflect the life experiences of young people with the promise of a guaranteed series commission.

Airdate: Wednesday 24 August 2022 at 10.30pm on BBC Scotland.

Season 1 Episode 4