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Sky High Club: Scotland and Beyond: Episode 9 (S1EP9 Monday 15 August 2022)



Cass has a flying lesson but the pressure of balancing work and study weighs on her mind. Is her dream of becoming a pilot really worth it? On a flight to the island of Barra with an iconic beach landing, Cass seeks the advice of Rebecca, a female captain in the airline.
Whilst Kuda and Dean bring the Aberdeen gang together for a Halloween party, Sara heads to Denmark. She’s got another important job lined up involving the inspection and purchase of a new plane for the airline. With mega bucks involved, there’s no room for error.

Airdate: Monday 15 August 2022 at 22:30 on 

Season 1 Episode 9

Flying high above the skies of Scotland, meet the young crew of the UK’s largest regional airline. Prepare to take off with the pilots, cabin crew and engineers who are buckling their belts for their busiest summer yet.