Sleepers: On the Run (S1EP3 BBC 24 Apr 1991, Michael Gough)



On the Run: Together again, the sleepers take to the road in Jeremy’s red Ferraris to elude the KBG stakeout. Albert’s effort to reassure Sandra backfires, and she has to admit her jaded mother may be right. MI5 gets in deep, tripping over the CIA, while Nina outwits them all.

Cast: Nigel Havers (Jeremy Coward), Warren Clarke (Albert Robinson), Joanna Kanska (Major Nina Grishina), David Calder (Viktor Chekhov), Angus MacInnes (Bill Sullivan), Jane Nash (Serena), Michael Gough (Andrei Zorin), Richard Huw (Igor Kostov), Annie Hulley (Sandra Robinson), Christopher Rozycki (Colonel Oleg Petrovski), Alan David (K1), William Chubb (George Wetherby), Ricco Ross (Karl Richfield), Candida Gubbins (Alison), John Flanagan (Bob Riley), Andrew McCulloch (Donald), Barbara Young (Elsie), Andrzej Borkowski (Doctor), Richard Durden, Alan Surtees, Peter Wight

Writer: John Flanagan, Andrew McCulloch / Director: Geoffrey Sax

Original Airdate: 24 Apr 1991 on BBC
Series: Sleepers Season 1 Episode 3

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