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Small Fortune: Grandma Knows Best (S1EP2 NBC Mon 7 Jun 2021)



Grandma Knows Best: Three generations of women – grandmother (Sylvia), mother (Jennifer) and daughter (Alyssa) – are playing to fund a big family reunion for Grandma Sylvia, who lives in Tennessee and hasn't been able to see her family together in years. See this feisty grandma call it like it is in her attempt to break the bank and steal the prize.

Airdate: Mon 7 Jun 2021 at 22:01 on NBC

Season 1 Episode 2

Small Fortune will see teams of three friends compete in the tiniest of challenges for a chance to win big money. In order to win, players must face heart-pounding tasks set in real-world destinations that test their precision and technique. From a shrunken sushi conveyor belt with tiny chopsticks ("Shrunken Sushi") to a mini Ellis Island ("Statue of Liberteeny"), each team must prove their skills on miniature playing fields. Challenges will require considerable dexterity and intense focus because with games this small, there's no room for error as the slightest miscalculation or tremble may result in elimination.

To take home the ultimate Small Fortune, teams that make it to the end must tackle one last teeny-tiny but epic game. If players can control their nerves and avoid the slightest mistake, they will walk away with a big cash prize.