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Smiley’s People: Gathering Friends (S1EP3 BBC Two 4 Oct 1982, Bernard Hepton)



Gathering Friends: The investigation of Vladimir’s murder leads Smiley to interrogate his latest suspect. Smiley is told to stop investigating the case by a man on a motorcycle, and he just blows him off. Smiley’s next stop is Oxfordshire, soeaking to a mother and a daughter about the case.

Regular Cast: Alec Guinness (George Smiley)

Guest Cast: Mario Adorf (Claus Kretzschmar), Eileen Atkins (Madame Ostrakova), Bernard Hepton (Toby Esterhase), Beryl Reid (Connie Sachs), Andrew Bradford (Ferguson), Norma West, Vass Anderson, William Wilde, Germaine Delbat, Jacques Maury, Nina Zuckerman, Robin Langford, Jeffrey Kime, Catherine Erhardy, Alexander Koumpan, Alain Serres, Vladimir Tihomiroff, Alex Buchanan, Venetia Day, Cindy Shelley, Susie Silvey

Writers: John Le Carré, John Hopkins / Director: Simon Langton

Airdate: 4 Oct 1982 on BBC Two Two

Series: Smiley’s People Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Spy drama serial. A sequel to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in which elderly spy George Smiley is once more called out of retirement and tackles a Soviet spy master.