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Smiley’s People: The Rogue Elephant (S1EP4 BBC Two 11 Oct 1982, Barry Foster)



The Rogue Elephant: Smiley continues his investigation, now looking for a man named Otto in a small fishing community, only to find his decaying body in his boat, and a mysterious chalk mark he’s seen before. Smiley talks to the now-perpetually afraid woman.

Regular Cast: Alec Guinness (George Smiley)

Guest Cast: Mario Adorf (Claus Kretzschmar), Vladek Sheybal (Otto Leipzig), Eileen Atkins (Madame Ostrakova), Michael Byrne (Peter Guillam), Barry Foster (Saul Enderby), Bill Paterson (Lauder Strickland), Tusse Silberg (Alexandra), Andrew Bradford (Ferguson), Tessy Kuhls, Lucy Fleming, Carl Duering, Jonathan Burn, Guy Standeven, Elisabeth Goebel, Cristiane Carstens, Matthias Dittmer, Germaine Delbat, Caroline Sihol, Michael Feldman, Frank Crompton, Jean Champion, Marie-Hélène Daste, Georges Hubert, Ralph Richter, Jan Fedder, Edeltrand Samland, Serge Berry, Vladimir Tihomiroff, Alain Serres, Alexander Koumpan

Writers: John Le Carré, John Hopkins / Director: Simon Langton

Airdate: 11 Oct 1982 on BBC Two Two

Series: Smiley’s People Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: Spy drama serial. A sequel to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy in which elderly spy George Smiley is once more called out of retirement and tackles a Soviet spy master.