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Snackmasters: Choc Mint Drumstick (S1EP3 Channel 9 Mon 6 Dec 2021)



Choc Mint Drumstick: The Peters Drumstick has been capturing the hearts, minds and stomachs of a nation since 1963. Now over 100 million of these classic treats are enjoyed by Aussies each year.

With a range of flavours including choc mint, boysenberry swirl, salted-caramel white choc and many more, the Drumstick is one of the most versatile ice creams, with a flavour for everyone. The mint-choc chip Drumstick, rated number four on the Best Drumstick Flavours list by Thrillist, will feature front and centre on Snackmasters for the chefs to replicate.

Which chef is mint to come out on top, and which chef will be choc-full of disappointment?

SNACK FACT: The Peters Drumstick factory can make 750 Drumsticks a minute.

CHEFS: Claire Van Vuuren vs Nelly Robinson

With Poh Ling Yeow, Scott Pickett, Yvie Jones

Airdate: Monday 6 December 2021 at 7.30pm on Channel 9.

Season 1 Episode 3