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Snackmasters Jumpy’s and Cheezels (Channel 9 Monday 12 December 2022)




Jumpy’s and Cheezels: The final spot in the Snackmasters semifinals is up for grabs in our most difficult challenge to date: simultaneously creating two snacks. A box of Cheezels and four packets of the lunchbox favourite, chicken Jumpy’s.

Big Sam Young and his partner Grace Chen from the exclusive S’more Bistro take on Dot Lee and her partner Jarrod Walsh from the hip Old Clare Hotel.

While working on the dough, the seasoning, and the difficult shapes of both snacks – a light and crispy golden ring that must fit on your finger and a miniature kangaroo – these couples take two very different approaches.
Both teams almost break under the pressure of the Cook Off, as things get worse and worse with soggy potato chips, exploding deep fryers, and chips that just won’t puff up.

At the judging, it comes down to a battle between flavor and shape, and as the winner is announced, a final curveball is thrown: only one chef from the winning couple can move on to the semi-finals. Who will it be then?

Airdate: Monday 12 December 2022 at 7.30pm on Channel 9.

Season 2 Episode 4

Featured Image Credit: Channel 9