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So You Think You Can Dance: The Final Cut (S17EP11 FOX Wed August 3, 2022)



The Final Cut: Before moving on to the finals, the remaining competitors take the stage to perform two original numbers. They first dance in pairs and then are paired with one of the series’ adored All-Stars, such as Kiki Nyemchek, Audrey Case, or Robert Green. Find out who will advance to the season finale, where they will have one final opportunity to establish themselves as America’s Favorite Dancer.

Airdate: Wed August 3, 2022 at 21:01 on FOX

Season 17 Episode 11

The summer hit So You Think You Can Dance, hosted by Cat Deeley, keeps viewers moving to a different beat as dancers skilled in everything from the ‘street’ styles of Hip-Hop, Krumping and Popping to Ballroom’s Salsa, Quickstep and Jive compete to be named the nation’s favorite. In the performance round, the 20 finalists dance for America’s votes, and each week the six contestants comprising the bottom three couples are given a chance to perform solo routines to encourage viewers to keep them on the show. Then the judges decide which dancers stay in the competition and which two are eliminated.