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Softly, Softly: Task Force – Errors (S9EP1 BBC-1 Tues 12 Sep 1973 with Brian Croucher)



Errors: The information was handed to Task Force on a plate – there was no excuse for things to go wrong. But Watt and his men are only human and they made mistakes. However, did they all have to make them and all at the same time?

Det Chief Supt Watt played by Frank Windsor
Det Chief Insp Hawkins played by Norman Bowler
Det-Sgt Evans played by David Lloyd Meredith
PC Snow played by Terence Rigby
PC Knowles played by Martin C Thurley
PC Nesbitt played by Grahame Mallard
Chief Con Cullen played by Walter Gotell
Ann Barclay played by Kate Coleridge
Tompkins played by John McKelvey
WPC Reed played by Gillie Gratham
Magistrate played by Dallas Cavell
Johnson played by Ivor Danvers
Colin Price played by Brian Croucher

Writer: Elwyn Jones
Editor: Joan Clark
Designer: Barrie Dobbins
Producer: Leonard Lewis
Director: Geraint Morris

Airdate: 12 September 1973 on BBC One

Season 9, Episode 1