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Soldier and Me: Alibi (ITV 29 Sep 1974)



Soldier and Me Alibi

In Alibi the police take the boys to a terraced house where it appears “Cripple” is alive and well. Soldier is convinced that the man at the house was not Cripple but a man dressed up to look like him.

Soldier thinks that they need to hide out in the country for a bit, especially if they could persuade Nixon to let him stay with him and his family who have luckily gone on holiday. Jim isn’t keen because he thinks the danger is now over – he’s wrong of course!

Once again the police don’t believe a word of what the boys say and even Jim is getting tired of the whole thing, it’s only when they are chased once again by the sinister Smiler that he knows it’s not over yet.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 15 September 1974 at 4.50pm

Writer: David Line / Director: Carol Wilks

Series: Soldier and Me Episode 3 (of 9)

Gerry Sundquist as Jim
Richard Willis as Soldier
Sally Sanders as Mrs Woolcott
Milos Kirek as Boss
Richard Ireson as Greasy
Constantin de Goguel as Smiler
Armitage Ware as Cripple
Robert Putt as Desk Sergeant
Derrick O’Connor as Driver
Alan Meadows as Detective Sergeant
Lorraine Peters as Shop Manageress
Eddie Caswell as Van Driver