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Soldier and Me: The House of Secrets (ITV 22 May 1974)



Soldier and Me The House of Secrets

In The House of Secrets Soldier has persuaded Jim to visit a school overheard by Soldier as the meeting place of the Czech crooks. Visiting late at night, especially when the gang arrive at the same time, might not have been the best of ideas though.

The boys are forced to hide when the Czechs bring in “cripple” and read out a list of people he is supposed to have betrayed. As Cripple tries to defend himself he is shot and the boys are discovered and have to make their escape.

The second episode of Soldier and Me definitely ups the ante, most of the episode takes place at night in the private school and by the end of the episode the boys are well and truly in danger from the Czechs.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 22 May 1974 at 4.50pm

Writer: David Line / Director: Carol Wilks

Series: Soldier and Me Episode 2 (of 9)

Gerry Sundquist as Jim
Richard Willis as Soldier
Milos Kirek as Boss
Constantin de Goguel as Smiler
Derrick O’Connor as Driver
Richard Ireson as Greasy
Armitage Ware as Cripple
Alan Meadows as Det Sgt
Anthony Wingate as Det Insp
Peter Ellis as Police Constable