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Solo: Season 2 Episode 4 (S2EP4 BBC One 26 Sep 1982, John Rapley)



Season 2 Episode 4: Gemma returns from her vacation and discovers that Sebastian, who has been minding her flat, has accidentally killed her goldfish. Worse, her great aunt Cissy (Cecilia Isabel Waring) has passed away, and leaves a will asking Gemma to scatter her ashes which, with Sebastian’s support, she manages to do

Regular Cast: Felicity Kendal (Gemma Palmer), Elspet Gray (Mrs Palmer)

Guest Cast: Michael Howe (Sebastian), John Rapley, Peter Penry Jones, Norma Ronald, Elizabeth Proud, Geoffrey Matthews

Writer: Carla Lane / Director: Gareth Gwenlan

Airdate: 26 Sep 1982 on BBC One

Series: Solo Season 2 Episode 4

Show Info: Sitcom. Gemma Palmer finishes with her unfaithful boyfriend and determines to stay single.