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Somewhere Between: Destiny’s Child (ABC 5 Sep 2017, with Catherine Barroll)



Somewhere Between ABC 2017

Destiny’s Child: Betrayed by Tom, Laura learns that Serena is at the TV station and fears her daughter will suffer the same original fate. Meanwhile, Nico tries to get his hands on evidence that could help save his brother.

Cast: Paula Patton as Laura Price, Devon Sawa as Nico Jackson, JR Bourne as Tom Price, and Aria Birch as Serena Price.

Guest cast: Catherine Barroll as Grace Jackson, Michael St. John Smith as Governor DeKizer, Rebecca Staab as Colleen DeKizer, Matt Visser as Logan, and Greyston Holt as Kyle.

The series is produced by Thunderbird Entertainment in association with ITV Studios America, with ITV Studios Global Entertainment handling international distribution. Based on a Korean format from SBS, the executive producers are Stephen Tolkin (“Brothers & Sisters”), Ivan Fecan, Joseph Broido, Tim Gamble and Matthew O’Connor.

Written by Shelley Eriksen and directed by Michael Nankin.

Series: Somewhere Between Season 1 Episode 8
Air Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2017
Time Slot: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM EST on ABC