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Spanish Thriller Feria: The Darkest Light Premieres Fri 28 Jan on Netflix



Set in a small Andalucian village in the mid-1990s, fantasy-horror thriller Feria: The Darkest Light follows Eva (Ana Tomeno, The Vineyard) and Sofia (Carla Campra, The Boarding School), sisters who discover that their parents are monsters — apparently having murdered 23 people in a cult ritual before disappearing.

Left alone to face a town that wants justice and revenge for the victims, Eva and Sofia must figure out how to survive on their own as they seek the truth in Feria, a town where reality hides a fantastic universe.

Co-starring Marta Nieto (Mar de plástico), Ángela Cremonte (Cable Girls), Patricia López (The Plague), Isak Férriz (Gigantes), and Ernest Villegas (Night and Day).

Feria: The Darkest Light Premieres Friday 28 January 2022 on Netflix.