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Special Branch: Blueprint for Murder (ITV 4 Jul 1973, with Kenneth J. Warren)



In Blueprint For Murder Craven and Haggerty are assigned to look after South African diplomat Coetzee, it’s feared he may be a target for murder. Their case is not helped by a scathing article in Private Eye that lays out his entire itinerary.

Rather surprisingly Craven expresses doubts about North to Haggerty, he says he felt hat he froze on the kidnapping job – we certainly didn’t see any evidence of that. It’s a statement that has repercussions for North later on in the episode when he does in fact freeze during an attack on Coetzee and is shot in the shoulder.

In a passing comment from Haggerty we learn that Craven has definitely broken off his relationship with Pam.

Special Branch Blueprint For Murder

A moody looking Haggerty.

Kenneth J. Warren, another unsung character actor of the 1970’s, plays Coetzee. Warren usually had relatively minor parts but occasionally was given something meatier, as is the case here.

This was the final episode of the third season, Patrick Mower’s Haggerty would become a proper regular for the fourth and final run of episodes instead of making an occasional appearance.

Special Branch Blueprint For Murder

Unsung character actor Kenneth J. Warren (right) plays Coetzee.

production details
UK / ITV- Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 4 July 1973 at 9.00pm

Writers: Peter Hill, Ian Black / Director: William Brayne

Series: Special Branch Season 3 Episode 13

George Sewell as Craven
Patrick Mower as Haggerty
Roger Rowland as North
Kenneth J. Warren as Coetzee
Arne Gordon as Wildebrand
Ronald Leigh-Hunt as Instructor
Bloke Modisane as Mbeya
Alex Scott as Graham
Louis Mahoney as Jalobe
Jean Harvey as Mrs Curtzon-Smith
Patrick McAlinney as Father McMahon
James Grant as Detective Constable Imrie
Edward Jewesbury as Prison Governor
Rosemary Reed as Marianne
Michael Godfrey as Envoy
Sheree Joseph as Annette