Special Branch: Dinner Date (ITV 18 Aug 1970, with Frederick Jaeger)

Special Branch Dinner Date

In Dinner Date Jordan and Morrissey pay a visit to Frankfurt the pick up an English “civil servant” who has been missing in East Germany for three years but then suddenly turns up again. Despite the co-operation of the West Germans someone is trying to scupper Jordan’s plans. The KGB are also very interested in what Selby is up to.

There is another surprise for Jordan when Christine Morris (who was heavily involved in the Troika affair and was later spirited away by the Russians) turns up. It’s a signifier of the intent of the series that the events of the very first episode are still resonating into the second season. She is up to no good naturally and when Jordan goes looking for her the next day it threatens to compromise his entire career.

Jordan discovers via his West German contact Pohl (the excellent Frederick Jaeger) that Christine’s real name is Valentina and she is a captain in the KGB. Later things gets murkier when the West German police accuse Jordan and Morrissey of the attempted murder of Selby after poisoned wine is sent into his cell. Luckily Pohl is on the scene to save the situation.

Special Branch Dinner Date

Sandra Bryant as KGB officer Christine Morris. 

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 18 August 1970 at 9.00pm

Writer: George Markstein / Production Design: Neville Green / Director: William G. Stewart

Series: Special Branch Season 2 Episode 2

Derren Nesbitt as Jordan
Keith Washington as Morrissey
Fulton Mackay as Inman
Morris Perry as Moxin
Sandra Bryant as Christine Morris
Frederick Jaeger as Pohl
John Rolfe as Selby
Hani Borelle as First German air hostess
Angela Pitt as Second German air hostess
Arthur Cox as Hotel Clerk
Arnold Diamond as Hotel Manager
Carol Haddon as Helga
John Bailey as Bauer
Alfred Hoffman as waiter
Otto Diamant as Einhof
Jan Conrad as Chesnikov
Stefan Gryff as Russian driver
Billinda Pharazyn as English air hostess

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