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Special Branch: Entente Cordiale (ITV 4 Apr 1974, with William Marlowe)



Special Branch Entente Cordiale

In Entente Cordiale Haggerty kills a man in the line of duty and finds himself investigated by A-10. Meanwhile Craven’s ex-wife Claudia turn up announced on his doorstep. She seems to have links to the man Haggerty killed.

Claudia, who is French-Algerian, was in fact working for the man killed by Tom. He was under investigation for supposed political reasons. However when Craven and Haggerty go to question Claudia she has disappeared. When Craven visits Claudia’s best friends he is told that Claudia was there but was picked up by the police.

When Craven is told to take a few days off because the case is to close to him, he naturally continues investigating on his own time.

The episode is a good chance to learn a bit more about Craven. Despite not having seen Claudia for some time, he is clearly still concerned about her. He is also convinced that she has nothing to do with whatever her boss was involved with,

Special Branch Entente Cordiale

Commander Glover seems to have taken over from Commander Fletcher as far as Craven and Haggerty’s cases are concerned.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Thursday 4 April 1974 at 8.30pm

Writer: John Kershaw / Director: William Brayne

Series: Special Branch Season 4 Episode 8

George Sewell as Craven
Patrick Mower as Haggerty
Paul Eddingtion as Strand
William Marlowe as C.I.D. Detective Inspector
Richard Beale as Cmdr Glover
Dora Reisser as Claudia
George Murcell as Jean-Paul Rostand
Al Mancini as Le Fevre
June Brown as Chrissy
Peter Halliday as Edward
Gillian Rhind as Girl Archivist
Shusha Assar as Cabaret singer
Neil Hallett as Duvalier
John Carlin as Hotel manager
Paul Antrim as Detective Sergeant Maguire
Alec Linstead as Jessop
Jonathan Adams as Duty Officer
Charles Pemberton as Squad car driver
Dorothy Vernon as Glover’s secretary
Graeme Eton as French Secret-Serviceman
Susanna Hunt as Craven’s secretary



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