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Special Branch: Inside (ITV 11 Aug 1970, with Michael Goodliffe)



Special Branch Inside Derren Nesbitt with Michael Goodliffe

In Inside, the opening episode of the second season, Jordan is in prison posing as a bank robber called Frank Stiller. He seems rather keen on finding out more information about his new cell mate Gillard.

During a meeting Inman has with prison governor Mr Sephton we learn that Gillard is a disgraced spy. It’s not too long before Jordan has a run in with some of his fellow prisoners who make it plain he is a marked man. In a quite brutal scene for the time Jordan has his left hand plunged into some very hot water by two of the cons.

With Gillard due release soon Special Branch and Moxon are keen to discover who his Russian “control” is – they are sure that the answer lies with Gillard’s daughter.

Season two gets a brand new title sequence and theme tune and to celebrate the arrival of the new series Derren Nesbitt was given the accolade of a TV Times cover.

Special Branch Inside

The supercilious Moxon with Superintendent Inman.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 11 August 1970 at 9.00pm

Writer: Trevor Preston / Production Design: Fred Pusey / Director: Guy Verney

Series: Special Branch Season 2 Episode 1

Derren Nesbitt as Jordan
Fulton Mackay as Inman
Morris Perry as Moxon
Constantin de Goguel as Scace
Kenneth Watson as Falk
Michael Goodliffe as Gillard
Simon Gough as Dishman
Anne Rutter as W.D.C. Simpson
Haydn Jones as Sephton
David Jackson as Chapman
Michael Goldie as Pike
Wendy Gifford as Sarah
Garth Watkins as Rockliff
Barbara Bolton as Shop assistant
John Derryman as Teddy Morris