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Special Branch: Short Change (ITV 19 Nov 1969, with Fulton Mackay)



In Short Change the departure of Superintendent Eden is a signifier for change complete with new title sequence (same ITC style series theme tune though) and the arrival of Detective Superintendent Inman who very quickly stamps his authority on the team.

Meanwhile the Troika affair is still playing out as one of the three main people involved Christine Morris, escapes from the open prison where she is serving a five year sentence. Things very quickly go wrong, the man who has paid to drive her panics when he sees a road block and crashes the car. With Christine recaptured the emphasis is on who paid Brewer to help with the escape.

Inman and Jordan discover that Christine Morris is not really Christine Morris, the real Christine died aged 3. Before they can take the issue further MI5 are negotiating with the Russians to exchange Morris (who is clearly a KGB plant) for a British political prisoner being held in prison in Russia. Jordan and Inman know that they are being played for fools by the Russians but there is literally nothing they can do about it.

In a subplot Morrissey is in trouble over an altercation he got involved in at a demonstration. He ends up suspended whilst the case is investigated – it could even cost him his position with SB.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 19 November 1969 at 9.00pm

Writer: George Markstein / Production Design: Fred Pusey / Director: William G. Stewart

Series: Special Branch Season 1 Episode 10

Derren Nesbitt as Jordan
Fulton Mackay as Detective Superintendent Inman
Morris Perry as Mr Moxon
David Garth as Deputy Commander
Keith Washington as John Morrissey
Maurice Good as Charlie Brewer
Tommy Godfrey as Mr Harris
Nellie Hanham as Mrs Harris
Mancella St Amant as Francoise
Jean Aubrey as Sally
Alexis Chesnakov as Mr Kraminsky
Anthony King as Somerset House clerk
Peter Thornton as Newsreel man
Pamela Sholto as Miss Walsh
Elizabeth Proud as Detective Constable Rogers