Special Branch: Warrant for a Phoenix (ITV 8 Sep 1970, with Clifford Rose)

In Warrant for a Phoenix, eminent Greek historian Emil Kazakos is accused of bringing illegal Greek antiquities to the UK to sell on the open market. Kazakos maintains that he has the permission of the museum he is attached to but the Greek government want him punished. Jordan and Inman are convinced he is telling the truth but Moxon makes it plain that it would be in the best interests of Britain to help Greece make the extradition of Kazakos as painless as possible.

Kazakos turn out to be an active member of the current regime but too well known to be taken down in any other way but to discredit him.

Clifford Rose pops up in an unusual role here (complete with dodgy Scottish accent) as antiquities specialist Proudie who reveals that the Phoenix Kazakos has brought into Britain is a modern bronze copy.

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The always excellent Clifford Rose plays Scottish antiquities expert Proudie.

Anne Rutter plays Detective Constable Jane Simpson, this season has seen very few other members of the Special Branch team. Pretty much all of the season one regulars, with the exception of Morrissey, didn’t make it into season 2. It’s Simpson who actually provides Jordan with the key clue that it may be Mrs Kazakos who is upto no good where the phoenix is concerned.

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classic quote
Moxon: You talk like policemen, both of you.
Inman: We are policemen.

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 8 September 1970 at 9.00pm

Writer: Stewart Farrar / Production Design: David Marshall / Director: James Goddard

Series: Special Branch Season 2 Episode 5

Derren Nesbitt as Jordan
Fulton Mackay as Inman
Morris Perry as Moxon
Clifford Rose as Proudie
Paul Stassino as Emil Kazakos
Monica Vassiliou as Loukia Kazakos
Anne Rutter as Detective Constable Jane Simpson
William Abney as Detective Chief Inspector Baynes
Stephen Greif as Mikhali Joanides
John Bennett as Costas Petrides

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