Special Branch: You Won’t Remember Me (ITV 20 Jun 1973, with Michael Latimer)

Special Branch: You Won't Remember Me

In You Won’t Remember Me Craven and North have a young couple under surveillance. Clare is about to marry businessman David who seems charming, debonair and successful – at least on the surface. Craven then takes the unusual step of telling Claire that he knows everything about her and that she should be careful of David.

Craven is convinced that David is a spy and intends to prove it.

Craven actually comes across as quite mean in his dealings with Clare deliberately causing her no small degree of mental anguish rather than telling her what was going on. But his attitude does serve to unsettle David into making a mistake – which is exactly what Craven wants. In the fall out Clare discovers that the supposedly Irish David is a Ukranian and is married with three children.

Michael Latimer who plays bad egg David in this episode was co-starring in fellow Thames show Van der Valk which was then in’s second season. There is a likely in joke when Craven tells Clare that David was in Holland when he was supposed to be in Dublin.

Character actress Renee Houston who plays the manager of the laundrette where Craven is seen spying on Clare, had been a popular music hall star in the thirties and forties with her sister Billie and later her husband Donald Stewart.

One of the increasingly rare pure “catch a spy” stories from the filmed version of Special Branch.

Special Branch: You Won't Remember Me

production details
UK / ITV – Thames / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 20 June 1973

Writer: Anthony Skene / Director: John Robbins

Series: Special Branch Season 3 Episode 11

George Sewell as Craven
Roger Rowland as North
Sheila Scott-Wilkinson as Pam Sloane
Michael Latimer as David
Mary Maude as Clare
Renee Houston as Scotswoman
Billy Milton as Jeweller
Neal Arden as Sgt Operator
Leo Dolan
Tony Thawton
Tony Haysgarth
Ted Richards
Neville Hughes

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