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Spector “How Will You Remember Me” (Sky Documentaries Sunday 29 January 2023)




Spector airs a new episode tonight Sunday 29 January 2023 on Sky Documentaries.

“How Will You Remember Me” The trial is winding down quickly, and both sides have presented their theories on the physical evidence uncovered at the crime site. When Spector’s new spouse, who is much younger than him, begins to defend him in court, the courtroom becomes a mess.

A mistrial is declared when the jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict. Despite the grief of the Clarkson family, the prosecution insists on starting over with a fresh jury. However, Spector’s triumph is short-lived because he is later found guilty in a second trial.

The tragic event in the lives of the Clarkson family can now be put to rest. As he adjusts to life behind bars, Spector rejects most visitors at first.

Phil seemed to have settled into prison life, and he stayed there until his death from COVID in 2021. Those left behind wonder how the loss of Lana Clarkson and Phil Spector’s legacy will affect them.

Airdate: Sunday 29 January 2023 at 9.00pm on Sky Documentaries.

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Featured Image Credit: Sky Documentaries