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Spender: Half a Ton of Heartaches (S1EP2 BBC One 15 Jan 1991, Clive Russell)



Half a Ton of Heartaches: After Yelland tells Spender that he wants him to stick around for a while, he goes undercover on the oil-rigs following the suspicious death of Mr. Patel, an oil-rig worker.

Regular Cast: Jimmy Nail (Spender), Sammy Johnson (Stick), Berwick Kaler (DS Dan Boyd), Denise Welch (Frances Spender), Tony McAnaney (Keith Moreland), Dawn Winlow (Laura Spender), Paul Greenwood (Supt Yelland),

Guest Cast: Clive Russell, Christian Rodska, Ashiq, James Bate, Ken Sharrock, Bill Speed, David Napthine, Les Wilde, Lisa Clarkson, Stuart McGugan, Jim Killeen

Writer: Jimmy Nail / Director: Roger Bamford

Airdate: 15 Jan 1991 on BBC One Two

Series: Spender Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: After working undercover in London Geordie cop Spender returns to Newcastle to work deep undercover.