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Spender: Puck (S3EP3 BBC One 19 Jan 1993, John Benfield)



Puck: Spender digs up some dirt on Tommy Thornton.

Regular Cast: Jimmy Nail (Spender), Peter Guinness (Detective Chief Superintendent Gillespie), Sammy Johnson (Stick), Berwick Kaler (Dan Boyd)

Guest Cast: Laure Killing (Janet Thornton), Tom Bell, Michael Vartan, John Benfield, Gary Black, Thomas Craig, Whitley Bay Warriors, Durham Wasps, Lee Davis, Steven Black, David Hartley

Writer: Jimmy Nail / Director: Suri Krishnamma

Airdate: 19 Jan 1993 on BBC One Two

Series: Spender Season 3 Episode 3

Show Info: After working undercover in London Geordie cop Spender returns to Newcastle to work deep undercover.