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Spender: The Candidate (S1EP4 BBC One 29 Jan 1991, Amanda Redman)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Candidate: Spender is assigned to look after a female Conservative politician named Bobby Montgomery. However, he is angered when Yelland teams up with him. However, Spender is injured when he is run down by a lorry whilst saving Bobby from being run over herself. After his spell in the hospital, Yelland has Spender put on the sick and his car taken away. However, determined to do his job, he gets a job working for Iain Rutherford, the owner of the lorry which ran him over. Whilst driving for Rutherford he ends up being involved in a robbery!

Regular Cast: Jimmy Nail (Spender), Sammy Johnson (Stick), Berwick Kaler (DS Dan Boyd), Denise Welch (Frances Spender), Tony McAnaney (Keith Moreland), Dawn Winlow (Laura Spender), Paul Greenwood (Supt Yelland),

Guest Cast: Amanda Redman, Robert Morgan, Brian Hogg, Dennis Lingard, Brian Rapkin, Tim Stone, Peter Marshall, June Barry-Green, John Larsen, Helen Russell, Harry Herring, Colin Sharp

Writer: Jimmy Nail / Director: Richard Standeven

Airdate: 29 Jan 1991 on BBC One Two

Series: Spender Season 1 Episode 4

Show Info: After working undercover in London Geordie cop Spender returns to Newcastle to work deep undercover.